5 questions you should ask yourself before taking a loan

The cash loan offer tempts us to take advantage of it. A new car, a larger apartment, home renovation, or maybe a longer trip? There is no shortage of needs, but each financial decision should be carefully considered by us. If we want to approach the budget wisely, let’s ask ourselves five important questions before we take a loan.

I actually need cash, is this a temporary invention?

Do we really have important goals for which we want to allocate cash? This is the most important question we should ask ourselves before we even look at the loan offers. Perhaps we planned to buy a new sofa, although the old sofa still looks good. The Japanese language course is not a first need when you are not going to visit the country of cherry blossoms. If this is a temporary whim, it is better to give up your credit thoughts as soon as possible. We should only take out cash loans for specific purposes. They amount to much higher amounts than loans via the Internet, and thus – we get involved with them for longer. Sudden fancies should not rule our budget. With savings or a financial surplus, we can afford to fulfill our desires. However, when they require a loan for this – we should let go and not increase the number of Poles in debt.

I need money now, can I save it?

The second question prompts us to review our budget for savings. We don’t always have to have cash for now, even for rational needs. Sometimes we can save her. According to the survey of Towarzystwo Ubezpiecze┼ä na ┼╗ycie Europa “Hedonists and thrifty 2016” – young people can save a lot of people doing it successfully. Even if we are not in the 25-44 age group, which saves the most, we can also postpone the amount that will meet our plans. If our budget allows us, we minimize daily expenses, and we collect a considerable amount for several weeks or months.

And when saving is a problem?

The biggest problem is the inability to save. Let’s think, what could we do about it? Maybe look for an additional paid job, give up some pleasures or find a better job because we were planning to look for a new job anyway? There are many solutions – let’s think about which one in our case is at stake. By adding a certain amount to your budget, we will eventually start to accumulate a penny to a penny. And if we learn to save, in the future we will take further steps and easily build a financial pillow. This is the best way to ensure a sense of security and peace of mind, even in the event of illness or other difficult life situation.

Is borrowing from a family an option?

When, after thinking about it, we conclude that we actually need money, but we are not able to save it, let’s consider a loan from loved ones. Family or friends can be the last resort, as long as they do not have to pay back the cash loan themselves. However, not everyone wants to put family relationships to the test. An unfortunate combination of events may result in us not being able to pay the full amount within the set deadline. Half a poverty, if the repayment can still wait, because our brother, brother-in-law or best friend does not need this cash. The situation becomes more difficult when they expected a refund because they have their plans they would like to implement. Then complications arise. Therefore, sometimes it is better to maintain good family relations, and borrow from banking institutions, which after all were created to provide financial benefits.

Can I handle my loan repayment?

Sometimes the family is not able to provide us with financial support, and saving is also not an option, because monthly expenses consume a significant part of our budget. We no longer ask ourselves whether we need this loan – because here we already know the answer – but will the installments not exceed us? If we are unable to pay off the loan, it will be difficult for us to obtain additional funds in the future. Banking institutions will no longer know a reliable customer in us, which we do not want. Therefore, let’s carefully check the most important elements of the cash loan for us and decide whether the monthly costs in the form of installments will not sink our finances. The more that sound budget management is quite important to us. As shown by the results of research conducted by Lindorff S.A., 83 percent respondents believe that regular repayment of liabilities is very important. In order not to have a problem with this, you need to pay attention to the elements of the loan increasing the amount of installments, and more specifically to the real interest rate, covering all costs associated with servicing the loan and exchange rate, if we take a loan in a different currency.

Do I know how to find a cash loan offer?

The last question concerns the very search for offers. We can find cash loan offers in the same way as offers of smaller liabilities in non-bank institutions. We use payday rankings and installment loan rankings that help us decide about the right lender. Cash loan rankings are also prepared to help customers in need of a larger financial injection. Top of the list are offers that are particularly attractive because of the high amounts and the long loan period. It allows us to spread the commitment into smaller payments that are beneficial to our budget. When analyzing the ranking, it is also worth paying attention to extremely attractive offers, e.g. reducing the cost of loans or allowing you to borrow even more for even longer. It is particularly profitable when we need a really high amount because we have planned a lot of expenses.

Undoubtedly, it can be said that there are more and more people interested in the services of non-bank institutions. Unfortunately, many potential borrowers have big problems choosing the best offers for them. Many people do not know what they need and how they want to pay back the liability. Therefore, before making any decision, they should carefully examine the possibilities of their budget.

The type of non-bank loan is important

When we think about making a financial commitment, we don’t always remember that its type matters. The fact that we are thinking about an online loan shows that we have already taken steps and we are eliminating options such as credit or private loan. However, we still need to specify what exactly we mean. In the internet age, there are plenty of interesting solutions. Two options that enjoy growing interest are installment loans and payday loans. Both of these options are very beneficial and can be helpful when some expense is waiting for us. It is important that we know which of them will be better at the given moment and how to adapt it to our situation. This is particularly important because each case is different and requires an individual approach.

What criteria should be used when choosing an online loan?

The theory sounds understandable, but how does it look in practice? We are facing a fairly important choice, which is important even when it comes to relatively small amounts. Not only that we have to choose the best non-bank institution for us, it is also a question of the type of loan. This will depend on several factors. It’s about for the amount of the planned loan and the period over which we want to pay it back. This is the basis that will help us determine the dimension of our commitment. Before making any decisions, we should assess our borrowing capacity. We can do it ourselves, but it is worth reading the expert opinions beforehand. Thanks to them we will get additional information that will definitely be useful to us.

Instant cash online – when we need smaller amounts

We usually associate the search for additional funds with credit. However, not all of us need such large sums. On the contrary – we often want to take less money and give it back quickly. In this case, the ideal solution will be online payday loan, which will definitely help us pay less expenses. Importantly, it does not have to cost us too much. Many loan companies offer the first free payday loan. This means that when we start cooperation with a given company, the first payday loan is free of additional charges. We give back as much as we borrowed – provided that we settle the repayment on the agreed date. This option is a nod to those who borrow from this service provider for the first time. At the same time, it is an incentive to establish long-term cooperation. It is worth thinking about it, because in the long run it can be profitable for us. There is no shortage of offers with additional facilities for regular customers. Just know where to look for them.

Short-term loan – what does it mean?

When we start thinking seriously about payday pay, we want to know for what period we will receive it. Usually it is specified in days and usually it is up to 30 days, however some companies take into account the possibility of borrowing for longer (e.g. 45, 60 days). Unfortunately – there are situations when we are not able to pay the full amount on time. Fortunately, some non-bank institutions include the option of extending the repayment deadline. Unfortunately, this is accompanied by additional fees, but we already know this when we sign the contract. Sometimes the opposite situation occurs and we are able to give money before the time specified in the documentation. Is paying off the loan before the deadline profitable? Look for information on this subject on the website of your service provider.

Installment loan – we pay back like a loan

When it comes to installment loans, the amount and repayment period are very important. Here, we are free to divide the commitment into parts. However, we must remember that usually we also decide on larger sums, and hence, we must choose the installments wisely. Then we will avoid unpleasant surprises in the form of excessive charges.

This type of loan is associated with a cash loan. No wonder – the repayment system is very similar. However, due to the fact that it is about larger amounts, we must remember that we must meet certain conditions. They will be similar to those that accompany banking services. Undoubtedly, our creditworthiness will be checked and whether we are listed in the registers of debtors. It is better to remember this before submitting the application.

Who will benefit from a long-term loan repayment?

An installment loan is a very beneficial solution for a specific group of clients. It is often about people who need a larger amount – they are planning a renovation, buying a car or just want to borrow for the holidays. Each of us used to think about one of these options, but we don’t always have enough savings. In a situation where we have a stable financial situation, we can decide on an installment loan. It will help us make our dreams come true provided that we diligently fulfill our obligation to pay it back. Not without reason, its addressees are people who have a solid household budget and permanent employment. The payments are accompanied by additional fees, but if we make the right calculations before signing the contract, they will not be too severe for us.

Where to look for information on loan companies offers?

We are often afraid of making a decision on a non-bank loan because we feel that we know too little about it. As it turns out, we do not have to give up this option, because there are web portals dedicated to this topic. We will find there rankings of payday loans which will tell us what offer to choose when we need a smaller amount. Do you want a bigger sum? Check the installment loan ranking and choose the best product for you. If you have any doubts, read the loan tips that are posted on these types of sites. They are a competent source of information when you think about choosing the right loan for us. As you can see, it doesn’t have to be difficult.